To paraphrase Ferris Bueller, tech moves pretty fast - and if you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss the chance to own a drone with a 12 megapixel camera which starts hovering when it recognises your face. So keep up with our weekly pick of the best gadgets and tech out right now, whether you're after something simple to make your every day more frictionless or something a bit special. To be specific, the 'something a bit special' is a £2,100 luxury watch winder.

You might think that wireless headphones are all much of a muchness. The T5 Ultra Connect proves that you're extremely wrong. They're engineered and made in Britain by a British company for one thing, and for another much more flexible than your average. They come packed with three different filters for all-purpose listening, bass-boost or a bit more treble, as well as three silicone earbuds and three mouldable earbuds. And, most importantly, the sound quality is never less than crisp and punchy, and easily the equal of headphones way above its price point.

This is the quietest device of its kind. If that doesn't seem like a big deal, then you clearly haven't suffered the mid-afternoon 'GrNnGhRhMmMmMaRrgHnG' that churns out of most lacklustre desk side coffee machines. With four dose options, five milk recipes and an intuitive interface, the Deśea's simple set-up will see you well.

'Ally' is right. Cleer's new earphones have your back in pretty much every situation. They're an extremely accomplished day-to-day pair with rich sound, easy-to-use phone call control and a very handy auto-pause feature when you take them out of your ears, and they're a high-grade workout pair with a waterproof and sweatproof design and wings to keep them secure in your ears. Plus, the charging case gives you an extra 20 hours of juice.

Yes, people cruising about on city pavements on those electric hoverboards to look a bit daft. But do you know what? They don't feel daft. They're living in 2049. Power past your rivals with this light, stable, easy-to-ride e-skate.

The new flagship to an already impressive fleet, everything about Master & Dynamic’s MW65 active noise-cancelling Bluetooth headphones feels premium, because it is. Constructed from a lightweight aluminium skeleton and covered with luxury leather, the wireless performance is peerless and the battery life exceptional – 24-hours from a single charge (with a 12-hour top-up offered in just 15 minutes). For long distance travellers this might just be the best investment you’ll make.

Portable wi-fi hotspot that’s good for 130-plus countries, this will slip into your pocket and give you instant 4G coverage for £7 a day. Goodbye to data-snaffling hotel and airport ‘hotspots’ with their 30-minutes-for-free limits and insulting connection speeds. We don’t know why it’s orange.

This 4K HD camera drone can be charged from your laptop or power bank but wins most kudos for its featherweight carbon fibre frame, something that helps it fold down to handheld ‘take anywhere’ size in a few seconds. You get (almost) half an hour of flight time on one charge, it’s great for low-angle shots and it captures video and photos crisply and sharply.

Compact smokeless BBQ that comes in colours ranging from no-nonsense charcoal to pop art pumpkin, its USP is a variable speed fan to control heat levels, warming up to ready-to-cook in three minutes. At 34cm its big enough to hold a couple of steaks at a time and is safe, easy and clean. The most undemanding BBQ you’ll ever fire up.

Stylish, pocketable and with a versatile Leica zoom lens (up to 15X), this great little camera is equally suited to nature photography as it is to weekend city breaks, giving excellent clarity and colour. Wi-fi connectivity gives instant access to social media so you can upload your shots wherever you are. Indeed, Panasonic might have designed this to be the travel bloggers’ best friend (but don’t let that put you off).

Small, light, with a six-week battery life and the capacity to wirelessly download and store thousands of books, Kindle’s 7” Oasis was already a life-changing piece of kit. The just-released upgrade adds a warmth scale – its version of Apple’s Night Shift – something you can schedule so it adjusts automatically when the sun sets.

The best electric razor on the market is a wash bag essential, thanks to 50 minutes of cordless shaving on one charge (enough for a two week break), its ability to handle wet and dry shaves (it’s the only 100 percent waterproof shaver on the market) and its award-winning precision (really close to a traditional razor).

You probably thought the one bit of gym equipment that would never get tech'd up would be the kettlebell. You thought it was just a dense mass of metal that relied on nothing so fancy as gravity. You were wrong - this one helps you save space and track your workouts. Use the LCD screen to select how heavy you want your kettlebell, and an internal screw switches weights in and out in seconds. Plus, a single charge lasts 14 hours and there's an app to help you toward your goals.

Top end headphones can all seem alike, but these have a few standout flair points. They've got a 12-hour battery life, precision-tooled DualCoil drivers and aptX Bluetooth for high-fidelity sound, and, most interestingly, a choice of three filters to swap in and out of the earbuds which give more control over bass and treble balance.

This is a perfect collision of the very, very now - a succulent, those near-indestructible houseplants du jour - and the far future. On one hand it's a planter. On the other, it's a 12-sided mesh of pentagonal panels with a hidden drainage system, and it's genuinely floating in space. It will bamboozle your friends and haunt your enemies.

You've probably noticed that the world is absolutely deafening. Fortunately, these new headphones from San Diego's Cleer feature hybrid noise-cancelling tech to block out 99.5 per cent of background noise. They also have an extremely healthy 20-hour battery life, as well as a built-in microphone to take calls and a very handy feature which pauses what you're listening to when you take them off your head.

Fitness trackers can be pretty chonky, uncomfortable boys. This ring is much more discreet, but still packs in the features: you can set your daily steps, sleep and activity targets and track how you're getting on via the app. Small but mighty.

This is basically an extremely fancy rework of the slightly naff Teasmade from the 80s - this one looks like it's been engineered by Nasa and designed by Ikea. Set the alarm, go to sleep, wake up to the smell of freshly brewed tea or coffee.

This might look like your average phone case but brother, this is not your average phone case. It's super-tough, lined with this fancy material called AiroShock which absorbs energy and slows the rate of deceleration when your phone hits the ground. They did a quite mean stunt where they got the first iPhone on day of release, put one of these cases on it and launched the phone around in front of the fanboys. Mean, but proved their point. It's a

This personal DAB digital radio will run for 15 hours if you're listening through its speaker or 22 hours if you've got your headphones in, and doubles up as a punchy Bluetooth speaker as well.

This isn't your average Android smartphone - it's keenly priced for its specs (six-inch screen, 64GB memory, 13MP rear camera) and, more excitingly, it's got glasses-free 3D tech built in. Try it out with the ROKFLiX 3D content library, which includes full films.

You've forgotten your keys again. You idiot. You absolute moron. You useless, useless, useless dingus. Avoid the sad trudge to the pub to wait for your partner/flatmate to turn up with a spare with this Bluetooth-enabled key safe which you open either using your phone or the keypad (how charmingly retro!). You can add unlimited contacts to it, and you can monitor who's coming and going on the app too.

The days of trusting your precious roast to rules of thumb and half-remembered bits of advice your mum gave you are over. Connect to this thermometer with your phone and monitor how hot things are getting inside your meat. You can set the exact temperature you're aiming at, and the heat-proof wire means you can wang the oven door shut and wander off until the crucial moment.

"I don't need a nightlight," you probably think. "I'm a grown man with a car and a job and and a collection of Alexa-enabled devices. This is silly." You are so, so wrong. If you're still up at 2.30am, press the Dodow and it'll cast a flashing blue light in the room. You just time your breathing with the light's pulses over either an eight-minute or 20-minute cycle, gradually slowing down and dropping off.

Learning languages is great. It really is. Understanding other cultures, seeing the grand tapestry of global history knitting together, ordering a couple of ice cold cervezas without stammering and bailing out halfway - brilliant. However, it does take time. Pocketalk can translate into and out of 74 languages without any lag, is simple to use and picks up voices easily with noise-cancelling microphones. It won't stop you nervously mangling Japanese pronunciations though. Sorry.

When you were a kid, what did you think you'd do with your millions of pounds when you grew up and had captained Aldershot to their sixth European Cup on the spin? Maybe you wanted a rocket car, or a robot butler, or a solid gold house. Now you're an adult, you've reconciled yourself with the first being impractical with all the potholes round your way, and the last with being just a bit too gauche, but this floor mopping robot can make the other one come true. No, it's not sexy. But it will merrily do the unsexy jobs you don't want to do, and very quietly too.

Yeeeessssss, it's an extender. This wheelie suitcase expands by up to 50 percent of its original size, meaning less faffing about and panicking over whether to take the big suitcase or a carry-on. Plus, it's got a built-in charging port to keep you juiced up while you hang about in departures.

This very, very beautiful thing is a set of headphones which rolls up like a metal link bracelet - when they're rolled up they're the smallest travel headphones about, and boast ultra-crisp sound. Which you'd hope for, at nearly three grand a pop.

Not a particularly snappy name, but an absolute essential if you're heading to a festival in, say, the Cairngorms or wherever. It's a heavy-duty solar-powered charger - stick it in the sun for 12 hours and you'll have enough juice for one and a half full charges of your phone.

Most juicers are a bit of a faff, but this one sequentially squeezes your fruit and veg evenly into the juicing chamber while you potter about doing your own thing. Imagine what you could get done! Finish that novel. Learn a language. Get started on some other juices. Anything.

You've used Bluetooth printers to get pics off your phone before, obviously. But this one does printed videos - Hyperphotos - as well as your average stills. You pick a video, print it out as a normal photo, but then when you hover your phone over it, it plays the video on your screen. Clever.

No, a robotic hoover is not the sexiest purchase you could make this week. However, it's the purchase that's probably going to improve your quality of life most. Control it from your phone, and the little guy will remember the layout of your house and tailor its cleaning of your different floor surfaces.

Alright, so 3D printing hasn't changed everyone's lives in the way everyone thought it would five years or so ago. But! It can still be a right laugh. Design your project, or download a template, and watch the super-accurate model appear. It's got built-in algorithms to work out structural flaws, and you can operate it from your phone.

Phones have ruined the experience of being asleep. We don't mean tapping through Instagram Stories of people you met in the smoking area of a club in Nottingham four years ago until 2am, though you should definitely stop doing that. We mean the icy dread that clutches you when you realise you've not plugged your phone in to charge overnight and weighing up whether you get up and do it or just drift off now you're comfy. This DAB clock-radio has a wireless charging pad on top. Sorted.

Noise-cancelling headphones are one of the many reasons 2019 is a very good year in which to live, and these are an extremely handsome example. They've got four built-in microphones to completely isolate you from the world, plus three noise-cancelling settings for the office, the plane and the city and a hefty 20-hour battery life.

This rejig of the original OneStep simplifies things and adds a few tweaks - the viewfinder's easier to use, the flash is more powerful and there's a fresh two-tone paint job - so you're pretty much ready to go straight out of the box. Just add some film and you're away.

If you're sick of your looking back on cherished memories caught on your phone camera and accidentally making yourself carsick because your hand was wobbling around madly, this is what you need. It takes smooth, stabilised 4k video at 60 frames a second, as well as 12 megapixel static images.

OK, yes there is a wire there. Well done. Very clever. You can drop your Qi-enabled device onto the circular charging area though - the other bit's for your keys, change, paperclips and what have you - and the utilitarian aesthetic places this several cuts above other charging stations as a design piece.

The two-pound aluminium-cased Andiamo Bluetooth speaker will fit in one hand, but it packs a sizeable punch as well as a very serviceable 20 hours of battery life. Nice leather strap too.

Looks quite ominous, doesn't it. The faceless clock. The black hole on the wall. Actually, it's an extremely high end wireless speaker you adjust the volume of by gently rolling it in its mount before it resettles in its usual place. Think of it as an art piece with B&O's signature well-crafted sound.

No, it doesn't look anything like a cooker. More like an ice skate or some kind of foot-measurer like they had in Clarks when you were a kid. Actually, it's a healthy way of cooking food clamped between two pieces of transparent glass which you can control from your phone, and which will tackle temperatures between 80 and 300 degrees C. This video will help if you're struggling to visualise it.

Scales are, generally speaking, not just a boring purchase but a means of negging yourself daily. These are several cuts above though: as well as your weight, they measure body fat, water percentages, muscle mass, bone mass, BMI and basal metabolic rate. The Mibody app connects your phone to the scales to help you keep tabs on your progress too.

It's got the looks of a classic black Moleskine notebook, but the notes you jot down with the smart stylus will be sent to your device via Bluetooth so you can share and edit them digitally.

Banging Bluetooth into a record player feels a bit like steampunk in a way, minus all the top hats with goggles wrapped round them. Connect wireless speakers or headphones and delicately drop the record on that priceless white label pressing of Utrabeat's 'Pretty Green Eyes'.

The terrible, debilitating indecision of whether to mess about with your two-wheeled remote controlled drone, your caterpillar-tracked mini-tank or your four-blade helicopter touches us all at some point. Avoid it with this, which transforms between all three.

This Alexa and Spotify-enabled wireless speaker is a worthy rival to the Sonos, with crisp sound, the potential to add a battery pack and the reassuring knowledge that you can totally mute the in-built microphones to feel less conscious of big tech firm snooping.

Right, look, yes - obviously ironing isn't very Buck Rogers. But this one is Bluetooth-connected, and will give you bespoke tips on how to up your ironing game based on your technique. In other words: ironing made fun!

A simple one: slip the rubberised band around any phone, line up its lens with your phone camera and take super-close-up macro shots with four-times optical zoom.

Not your average waffle maker. It's got a feature called ‘Waffle IQ’, which automatically works out how long and how hot to heat your batter based on what colour you like them and what style you’re after, whether it’s a classic Belgian or something more bespoke. There’s a button that says “a bit more” on it too, which will do your waffle a bit more.

Pop in a coffee pod or ground coffee, add hot water, pump the plunger on the side and within seconds you’ve got a freshly brewed shot of espresso on the go.

"I'll pick up the piano!" you told yourself on New Year's Day. "That'll be fun and worthwhile!" A month later, you've done nowt. Try this then: the free iOS and Android app gives you three ways to learn, with video lessons, piano-based games and more than 4,000 pieces of sheet music. The key, though, is the Guitar Hero-style display and light-up keys which should turn even the most tone-deaf into passable pianists.

This scaled-down (but still punchy) version of Ruark's beefy R7 wireless speaker might have mid-century good looks but it's ready for anything you want to run through it: Bluetooth, WiFi, streaming, ethernet or your turntable.

Anything which describes itself as quirky should really be handled with asbestos gloves and, ideally, thrown into a quarry. The single exception is this sturdy aluminium USB-connected mechanical typewriter. Satisfyingly tactile.

Different guitars make different sounds. That much is obvious. Yet in a bid to diversify, storied outfit Fender has forged a shape-shifting instrument that packs five distinctively different sounds - all within a shell that's built like an acoustic, just with the benefits of electric.

Connect these little zapping pads to your phone and pick a programme to hone in on specific muscle groups you want to stimulate and refine, massage or speed to recovery. Don't worry, it won't hurt. Honest.

This is a big, big boy: it holds 500g of coffee beans and five litres of water. You can use your phone to order one of 10 different coffees, and it's also got an integrated cleaning and descaling system, because nothing harshes a cosmopolitan vibe quicker than hurriedly working up a vinegar solution to flus out one's pipes.

This giant reboot of 1972's seminal rectangle-based tennis sim Pong recreates the game mechanically, using magnets and pulleys rather than the original 8-bit graphics and, this being 2019, comes with four USB charging ports and a Bluetooth speaker.

Remote controlled helicopters are one of the few classic 'executive toys' worth being salvaged from the dustbin of history, though we'll probably leave putting mats and those ducking birds in there. This one comes with flying modes for both beginners and more accomplished pilots.

The current vogue for miniaturised reboots of first-gen consoles has seen more misses than hits - was anyone desperate to fire up their Playstation Classic and get back on Intelligent Qube? - the 80 classic games on here include a lot of gems like Sonic the Hedgehog, Alien Storm and three editions of Mortal Kombat.

Knowing loads about wine is impressive and everything, but being able to delegate knowing loads about wine to a robot is much more 2019. The iSommelier aerates your wine to enhance its flavours and aromas, the touch screen shows your wine's name and vintage and you can control it from your phone with an app.

A home without a soundbar isn't much of a home at all, really. It's just a holding pen, a set of walls with a roof on it and maybe a smaller room for the washing machine next door. This one pumps out HD sound, and you can use it as easily as a music player via your phone as you can a TV speaker.

Turntables which can turn your vinyl collection into digital files aren't new, but this one's a particularly handsome and easy-to-use example which records straight onto USB storage.

There are loads of wireless speakers out there obviously, but few have been grafted over as much as this one. After 10 years of development, it's packed with features which give it a clarity few speakers can match: it can cancel background noise, pump out the lowest frequencies and reproduce the exact air pressure the music it's playing was recorded at.

This alarm clock gradually wakes you up or lets you drift off by mimicking the sunset and sunrise, plus there are 14 sound effects to snooze or wake to including tropical birds, thunderstorms, purring kittens or, for some reason, a steam train. Bizarre, but British Rowing swears by them for early sessions on the water.

You, like everyone else who's not a psychopath or trapped in 2004, listen to your tunes on your phone. Fine. But this player, however apparently wonky its screen or nonsense its name, is a serious bit of kit for audiophiles. It's got 64GB of built-in storage and its dynamic, full sound shows why A&K have built up such a crowded shelf of industry awards.

Christmas get-together dragging a bit? Gift yourself this, then surreptitiously pop it on and lose yourself in the headset's hi-res screens and 3D sound. The display will show you an outline of your surroundings while you're wearing the goggles too, so there's no need to worry about accidentally decking Auntie Jean.

Arguably we should all stop putting Bluetooth into anything that stays still long enough, but a smart-pillow is less daft than it sounds. Control your music, podcasts or soporific soundscapes via the app, which can track your sleep patterns and wake you up if your snoring is louder than your chosen decibel level.

Snap this onto your iPhone and make it feel like a 2018 reboot of the PS Vita, with more than 1,000 games available on the free iOS app. Perfect for time-wasting on the train.

This is more than just a very slightly evolved version of a heated mug: it's connected to the Ember app, which helps you monitor your caffeine intake.

Instead of frantically trying to throw all of your heaviest clothing on at the head of the check-in queue to shave off those three extra kilos, get a suitcase with a built-in set of self-weighing scales.

A wireless, 1080p HD, wide-angled, motion-sensitive, smart assistant-compatible security camera is arguably an overcomplicated way of avoiding everyone who attempts to gain entry to your house except the pizza delivery man, but it's probably the best way.

Smart speakers can feel like much of a muchness, but this one teams Sonos' superior sound with Hay's Scandinavian style.

The big hype this Christmas is for the miniature reboot of the Playstation, the Classic, and rumours of an N64 Mini continue to swirl. Will either of those come with 64 games, though, including early classics like extreme sports sim California Games? No, they will not. There's a Microcomputer mode so you can code your own games too, just like on the 1982 original.

The third generation of this smart-kettle lets you set the times you want it to boil each day, how hot you want the water and via the app, which will also tell you how full the iKettle is. It hooks up with Alexa too, so you can shout “BOIL KETTLE” at it from the sofa repeatedly before Alexa tells you it’s going to play Roy Castle's smooth jazz on Spotify.

Not all notebooks are created equal. This looks like your common-or-garden spiralbound workhorse, but it's an infinitely reusable smart notebook made up of 32 wipeable pages from which you can directly upload your notes and doodles straight to Google Docs, Dropbox and other cloud services.

It might look like a dehumidifier, but this is actually a little robot pal who'll keep you company while projecting video onto any wall or ceiling or pumping out 360-degree sound. It's got wheels too, so it can trundle around after you from room to room, as well as voice control via an app.

Every so often a gadget reminds you that we're living in the future. Speak into this stick and within 0.2 seconds it'll translate it into Spanish, Mandarin or Japanese. The battery life isn't too bad either - at three days, it'll last through a whole long weekend away.

Multi-award-winning industrial designer Yves Béhar has taken the slightly forbidding home CCTV camera and given it an elegant makeover. The Hive View will send you live 1080p HD video or any footage from the last 24 hours, and the Hive app lets you set it to follow people but ignore pets wandering around while you're out.

This clock radio's a lot more interesting than the usual: it's got a magnetic strip on the front for wirelessly charging your phone (as long as it's an iPhone 8 or later, or a Samsung S6 or later), and it's a wireless speaker as well as an FM radio.

This mysterious black orb is a 70cm-diameter speaker which connects via AirPlay, Bluetooth or DLNA and comes with Spotify Connect, TuneIn and Deezer built in. If you don't fancy the tripod, you can take it off and hang it on your wall instead.

The Sega Saturn got flattened by the PlayStation and Nintendo 64, but it's very much the connoisseur's choice of mid-90s console. This reboot plugs your phone into a copy of the classic controller and there are 19 games on Google Play now, including Sonic the Hedgehog, Crazy Taxi and Streets of Rage.

The distance between how cool and practical wireless earbuds should be, and how cool and practical wireless earbuds generally are, is gargantuan. These are a big step forward though, and as well as being sweat-resistant and Bluetooth 5-assisted, they come with the top end sound quality RHA is known for.

The curved screen of this 55-inch beast is designed to prevent eye strain and screen fatigue. A good thing, especially when youthink of it as the binge-watching equivalent of that bright pink kinesiology tape Dele Alli wears on his knees.

It's got voice control too, and you can use it as a hub to control all your other smart devices from.

Contrary to what you’d assume, most ‘wireless’ chargers are in fact extremely heavily wired. Sure, you can pop your phone on top of a little charging pad rather than faffing with a connector, but it still feels a bit underwhelming.

This table’s a smarter solution. The circular charger is discretely designed, and it's compatible with most major smartphones.

Solve post-Sunday League pub arguments by getting your phone out and pointing smugly at the data maps compiled by Playr’s Bluetooth-connected SmartPod. The GPS tracker slips into a little pouch on the back of a vest, and is based on tech developed with pro players and coaches to give a detailed breakdown of your performance. Sprints, ground covered, time spent mutely pointing at unmarked opposition strikers - it’s all here, plus sports science tips to help you train smarter.

Place case over your lock with the key in, connect to it on your phone or smartwatch via Bluetooth and never fret about whether or not you locked the door ever again. You can set it to automatically open when your phone gets close enough, to lock behind you, or add other trusted people for however long a period as you need.

This ultra-slim 20.1-megapixel camera marries retro looks with very 2018 touches: the big sensor and f/2 - 4.9 lens lets loads of light in so low light shots still look great, you can get 60FPS HD video and, best of all, you can send pictures straight to your phone to stick on Instagram.

Yes, the case of this two-and-a-half-foot mini-cabinet is fairly hideous, but look inside: there are 99 classic arcade games to delve into, and it's got crisp digital sound and a 10-inch screen.

You're tired. We're tired. The whole damn world is tired. Sort your kip out with this smart pad, which slips underneath your mattress, records your sleep cycles, your heart rate and your snoring rate. Then, the free app scores how good your night's sleep was and gives you tips to improve the next night.

Still struggling to drop off? Bose's much-hyped solution uses a noise-isolating tip which sits inside your ear blocking out any noise as well as masking any unexpected sounds - snoring, car alarms, etc - with a soundscape in a matching frequencies. Pick from gentle waves, rustling leaves or eight other soundtracks.

The first generation of the Alexa-enabled Echo Show didn't make much of a dent in the market, but this redesigned version looks far more exciting. The 10-inch screen's bigger for a start, and it bills itself as an all-round home assistant, telling you what ingredients are in the kitchen, making calls to mates with other Echo devices and checking who's at the front door with an upcoming doorbell camera add-on.

If you've invested in a new iPhone you'll know you no longer get a lightning-to-headphone jack adapter, so now's an apt time to get some high-grade wireless earphones. These buds are unobtrusive and features the usual top quality sound you'd expect from B&O, and you can control tracks and take calls with a subtle tap.

This odd little banjolele-slash-lute thing is actually a smart guitar, which can sync up via Bluetooth to Android and iOS devices. For beginners, there are four free apps to guide you through the rudiments, while more accomplished noodlers can hook straight up to music-making programmes like GarageBand or Logic and thrash away.

Whizz past those sadsacks using their pathetic human legs to propel themselves from A to B on your electric skateboard. It's got a handheld remote for surprisingly smooth acceleration and braking, and it can tackle steep gradients of up to 20 percent.

This updated version of the classic Polaroid lets you switch between two lenses, giving you quality close-up portraits. There's a lot more on the app, though, which packs in a noise trigger, a remote trigger, a self timer, double-exposures, light-painting mode and tools for manually tweaking your images.

Snapchat's Bluetooth-connected, water-resistant shades let you shoot high grade, slightly fish-eyed images: on one side is a HD camera; on the other is an LED ring, and on top is a button you either tap to start a video or hold for a photo. Then, either send it on Snapchat or export the video in different formats.

Meditating might not seem like a pursuit which really needs teching up, but this headband is intended to help guide you through it. Put the headband and headphones on, and try to clear your mind - the more active your brain is, the more it sets off the headband's sensors, and the heavier the weather sounds will get until you chill out a bit.

If you're flying down the side of a mountain on a snowboard, you'll probably not have a hand free to faff about with pressing record on your GoPro. Scream into your wrist-mounted remote control instead.

This smart coffee does 15 different drinks and you can connect it to your phone too, allowing you to remotely order yourself a macchiato from bed. Customise your favourite drinks, create and save new ones, and track your rapidly spiralling coffee consumption.

Instant-print cameras can all be a bit much of a muchness, but this one comes with specific shooting modes for macro shots, selfies, party shots and the like to make the most of each frame. It's very handsome too.

You may not deliberately huffing diesel exhaust fumes at home, but the air quality could still be better. The Awair measures five indicators of air quality including fine dust particles, humidity and CO2 emissions, and will give you personalised tips for improving the atmos at home.

The SoundWear Companion sits across your shoulders like an extremely high-tech scarf and gives you deep, rich sound without loads of sound bleed annoying anyone else in the vicinity. You can use it to take calls and connect with Siri and Google Assistant too.

This isn't just any old bit of novelty lighting. The bulb magnetically levitates above a wooden base in oak, ash or walnut.

Norwegian audio specialists Ixion have crammed everything into this handmade piece designed by the man behind the Koenigsegg. You can play wirelessly via Bluetooth and wifi, but it's also got Tidal and Spotify preinstalled, you can tune into more than 100,000 radio stations and you can add up to seven extra speakers around your house too.

Living in the future as we do, it's easy to forget the big childhood dreams you wanted humanity to nail down and turn into everyday conveniences. More than anything. you wanted a hoverboard. This is about as close as science has managed: an all-surface electric board which can hit 43 km/h and has ABS brakes.

Are you happy with waggling your frayed charger cable about until it finally hits exactly the right spot, or would you rather have a dock you can build your desk around - maybe one made out of a solid marble and aircraft-grade aluminium? Be honest.

This isn't just a massive telly - it's a brilliant piece of design, with the 55-inch 4K OLED screen's simple, elegant frame doubling as a stand. It's also a massive telly.

Digital photo frames aren't big news, admittedly, but this one's several cuts above. You can browse a library of 10,000 images and artworks via the app or swipe along by hand, and uses Meural's TrueArt tech to make each image look as textured and touchable as the real thing

Naturally, you'll be staring at that massive TV and the digital photo frame for a while, but Swanwick say that the blue light emitted by screens isn't that good for your sleep patterns. So, they've designed these glasses to absorb it, and, they say, help you sleep deeper and better if you wear them in the hour before you go to sleep.

This unassuming cylinder is a coffee bean grinder, filter brewer and cup in one: add coffee beans and boiling water, give it a grind and you'll have fresh coffee on the go. The casing absorbs about 90 percent of the noise from the hand-grinder too, so it's office-friendly.

These wireless earphones give well-balanced, thick and clean sound with none of the weird tinniness which a lot of Bluetooth sets suffer from. Plus, they're water, sweat-proof and hardy enough to survive being chucked in your bag every day and are good for 12 hours on one charge. A quality bit of kit.

Fiddling about with aux cables is extremely 2009. Revo's SuperSystem can stream radio from the internet and connect to both your phone and Spotify. Handily, though, you can go analogue and connect your turntable and other bits and pieces to get the benefit of its crisp, bassy sound. It's small wonder, too, that Lanark-based Revo are drowning in design awards. Look at it. Just look at it.

To celebrate shifting half a billion units since the original PlayStation was launched in 1994, Sony have given this two-terabyte PS4 Pro a fancy translucent blue case. It's limited to 50,000 units, and while it's pretty scarce at the moment, you should still keep an eye out for odd units popping up here and there.

You'll get two, maybe three full phone charges out of most powerbanks. This monster will do you seven iPhone charges. It's slim, not too weighty at 365g, and about as aesthetically appealing as a 2001: A Space Odyssey-style black box can be.

The rubberised pads on both top and bottom of this wireless charger stop any nicks and scratches developing on your tabletop or on your phone or tablet. It'll charge through most phone cases up to five millimetres thick and it's got built-in cooling and noise reduction tech too, so it's ideal for your bedroom.

Hacking away blindly with no idea whether you're using the right golf club is amateurish. This laser-assisted viewfinder will tell you exactly how far you are from the green with its LED screen, and it's waterproof up to three metres should you topple backwards into a water hazard while using it.

Wearable bike tech tends to look a bit Tron with its winking LEDs and drag-contoured lines, but if the lads on their lightcycles had had helmets this technologically endowed they'd have spent less time being smashed to badly rendered polygons. Use the wireless handlebar remote to indicate, and know that if you have to slam the brakes on the 38 red LEDs on the back will automatically flash and stop you being mown down.

YouTube and Facebook are all over 360-degree videos and photos, so a decent specialist camera is a good bet for futureproofing your Instagram. The Samsung Gear 360 comes with front and rear 180-degree lenses to stitch together a perfect image. Pair up a Samsung device and you can use your phone as a viewfinder.

You're extremely busy, certainly far too busy to be faffing about winding up watches. You should probably make time to watch this stripped-back aluminium cylinder turning your timepiece for you though. The design lets you see every brass cog whirring round. It's mesmeric. It'll fit pretty much any size of watch too, and you can set the winding mechanism to suit your watch's needs.

If you're forever losing your pen, then this Bluetooth-enabled scribbler. It's a high-end writing implement, yes, but it's also got a chip inside which tracks the pen's location with a time and date stamp, and can ring your phone to tell you where your pen is if you lose it. At £219 it might be a bit steep, but as they say: buy cheap, buy and lose 608.333333 biros instead of one miraculous wizard's pen.

If you're forever losing everything you own, then stick a Tile tracker on it and see where exactly you managed to put your keys/wallet/whatever down via the app on your phone which will make the Tile ring. If you're forever losing your phone, you should probably stick a Tile on your main phone, and invest in a second phone to track it on. Then stick a Tile on the second phone, invest in a third phone, and so on. The Tile can make your phone ring even when it's on silent so you can track it down.

Digital Binocular Micro Scope

No, drones aren't quite the bleeding edge tech they used to be, but they're still terrifying enough to be incredibly alluring. This one's a particularly refined example. With a 12 megapixel camera and a usable range of nearly two kilometres, it's incredibly easy to make high grade videos while controlling your craft with hand gestures. It'll start up and hover when it recognises your face too. Terrifying. Alluring.

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