Well, it seems like Xiaomi wants to branch out and its efforts won’t stop at smartphones, smartwatches or smart TVs but will spread out to massage chairs. 

The company joined forces with Chinese manufacturer Momoda to develop a massage chair and is currently crowdfunding it on the website Youpin. The chair is available for 2799 Yuan, which means somewhere around $400, after conversion. 

The chair measures 1250 x 980 x 630 mm, weighs 42 kg and its reclining feature can, according to Xiaomi, work just fine even if it’s placed next to a wall. It was designed in such as way as not to occupy too much space and without the owner having to move it every time it plans to use it. 

The massage chair does not show any moving parts at first glance as it is covered in PU leather and it can massage all three areas of the body: legs, back and the neck and shoulder area. It features a total of 12 airbags that compress and decompress in order to help the users’s blood flow and to aid them in getting rid of the stiffness in their calves and feet. 

In addition to that, four heating pads are set in the waist region while the neck and shoulder massager feature 6 roller wheels that apparently can mimic the movements of a real massage therapist. 

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There is a centralized control unit set on the right arm side which allows the users to operate it. It will come in Light Brown and Light Grey color options. 

The crowdfunding goal has been reached a while ago already but, with about two weeks still left, the funds are still pouring in. With a bit of luck, if the company notices it’s in high demand, the chair might even see a release outside China as well. 

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